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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

This website is operated and maintained by the Australasian Association for Information and Communication Technology (AAICT) ABN Number 81586704541 registered address 8 Tarlee Court, Aspendale Victoria 3195 referred to as “our”, “us” and “we” on this website.

Your use of this website is subject to these Terms and Conditions, the terms of our online Privacy Statement and any other laws or regulations which apply to this website. If you do not accept these, you must refrain from using this website.

Periodically, AAICT will add or remove member information, events, forums, products and services without notice.

Your continued use of this website is subject to your maintaining current AAICT membership. Your AAICT website user name and password will only remain active whilst your AAICT membership remains current. This user name and password is specific to the member to which it relates and must not used to access information to benefit a non-AAICT member.

Reference to “website” relates to the whole, or any part of the web pages located on this website including, but not limited to, its design, underlying programming code, text, sound, graphics, animated elements or any other content.


Membership of AAICT has a fixed annual fee set by the Board annually. There is only one type of subscription to AAICT, that of membership. All AAICT products/services and event fees are listed on the website or webpage of the products/services and events. For more information about subscription contact

Refund Policy

The AAICT refund policy is to provide full refunds for products/services that are cancelled within 30 days excluding payments for events including ITNAC. After 30 days refunds are offered on a pro-rata basis excluding for events and membership fees. For the ITNAC refund policy look at the ITNAC website for full details. For more information about refunds contact

Intellectual Property

All logos, images, graphics, text, designs and recordings contained on this website, hereafter referred to as “material”, is owned by either AAICT or third party associated trading entities with respect to AAICT Principal and Corporate Partners and Associate Members.

Intellectual property rights are protected by Australian law and no unauthorised reproduction of material contained on this website is permitted. For authorisation to use or make reference to material on this website, please e-mail to detail the nature of your request.

Third party websites

The AAICT website contains links to third party websites due to the nature of their business relationship with AAICT - being that of a Principal or Corporate Partner or Associate Member.

Although AAICT staff have met with representatives from these companies to discuss the suitability of their product/service for use, they cannot warrant their fitness for a particular purpose. Members should, therefore, conduct their own due diligence prior to proceeding with a product/service purchase.

AAICT staff and/or contractors are also not able to endorse the currency of information contained on third party websites and recommends that members contact the relevant company directly to assess same.

Data Transmission

Given the ‘open source’ nature of the World Wide Web, AAICT cannot warrant that any data you transmit via this website is totally secure; members, therefore, transmit data at their own risk.

AAICT will take all practical steps to protect this information once it is received so as its security can be maintained.

If members become aware of possible concerns with regard to the security of their personal information they should contact AAICT immediately on (03) 9016 3056.


The content of this website is provided for information purposes only. No claim is made as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of its content at any time.

This website and the information it contains is provided for general guidance. Whilst the information on this website is intended to be of general assistance, it is not intended as providing professional advice to any person or organisation. You should make your own inquiries as to the appropriateness and suitability of the information on this site for your particular circumstances.

The views expressed by contributors to the AAICT website (i.e. third party Principal and Corporate Partners and Associate Members) are not necessarily endorsed by AAICT employees, including authors, consultants and editors and may not reflect either the policies or practices of AAICT.

Additionally, although we have made every effort to ensure that the material provided in downloads is complete, current, reliable, free from error and virus contamination, we do not warrant or make any representation about the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of the information or whether the download has been corrupted or tainted by viruses.