The Australasian Association for Information and Communication Technology is a technical society that aims to promote ICT within Australasia and support research, development and dissemination of outcomes through our journal the International Journal of Information, Communication Technology and Applications and our conference the International Telecommunication Networks and Applications Conference.

The technical society had its formation in the mid-1980s when a seminar series called the Australian Teletraffic Research Seminar was run on an annual basis. Out of this seminar series grew a network of research and industry professionals that continues to exist today. As the years passed by the network has changed but the goal remains and that is to support the growth of ICT within Australasia.

A new chapter begins in 2014 with the formation of the technical society and journal around the core conference activity which has continued and expanded to include New Zealand over the past decade.

The committee welcomes you to become a member of the technical society and to contribute towards the growth and sustainability of the association.